Week 18 – 126/365

Sea lions are a great attraction for zoos. They do fun tricks, play with toys and splash water on people. This big guy wasn’t good at obeying orders anymore because he knew he would get fed fish either way.  He wasn’t the greatest at catching caught fish, but it was a very muggy day and he probably just wanted the opportunity to dive in the water and cool off.


He was a showboat though.  Until the trainer was practically ordering him to come back (like a mother to a child), he just posed on the wall.

126/365 Outtake

Look at the size of this guy!  He knows that people love him and flaunts his girth.

126/365 Outtake

I think the first time I saw this baby last year, he was a baby-baby.  As in, not an infant, but very young.  He and his brother were sunning most of the time I was at the zoo and wasn’t much for swimming, except when the feeding show started and he pretty much stayed underwater.


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