Week 18 – 121/365

Apologies for the lateness.  I had one of those “I’m so busy I don’t remember what day it is” type of days and thought it was still Sunday.  Ah well.  Here are some pretty flowers.

But before I show you the flowers, I should tell you that these are heavily edited.  As you SHOULD know, the Creative Suite 5 was released this week, and I downloaded the 30 day free trial of Photoshop.  I used the new Content Aware Fill to add in background and detail where it was lost or needed so I could add background instead of cropping down to the image I wanted.


For example, this image had 1/4 of the background added in post because I was zoomed in too tight and I didn’t like where the flower was positioned, so I made the canvas larger and basically told Photoshop “I want more background.  Generate it for me.”

121/365 Outtake

This one had no background added.  this was cropped down to the more interesting details, then I duplicated the background, added a black and white gradient map to the top layer and set it to screen.  It made the flowers brighter, and the shadows darker, but not too dark.

121/365 Outtake

I did the same process to this flower image as the above image.  Cropping, screening the duplicate layer, gradient map, etc.  I wanted to tighten into the unopened flower, but it was too pixelated to do so.


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