A Simple How-To

Here is a simple how-to on today’s 365 entry:

In Lightroom/Camera Raw

First Steps:

  1. Opening the DNG in Photoshop’s Camera Raw.
  2. I do my necessary edits in ‘Basic’ (temperature, tint, exposure, recovery, blacks, rightness, etc)
  3. Next is the ‘Tone Curves’, where I bump up the lights and darks, and pull the shadows down.
  4. I skip a few tabs to go to ‘Camera Calibration‘.  My Green Primary always seems to be a little bit off, so I bump the hue slider either to the left or right (probably the right. I don’t remember), mess with the saturation, etc.

A Simple How-To

In Photoshop:

Second Steps:

  1. Duplicating the background, making no changes as of yet.  Then I duplicate this layer as well and reselect the background layer.
  2. Next I increase the canvas size and move the image around.  Seeing as the new crop tool has a rule of thirds tool, I can plan where I want the flowers to be.

Third Step:

  1. I select the ‘white’ area and go to the new option for CS5: “Edit: Fill”.
  2. A new window appears.  All I need to do is press “ok”.

For this image, my process is done.  I don’t need to do any more editing because everything was done in Camera Raw.

Hopefully, the next image how-to I add here will be more in-depth, more informative.  Maybe a video or a better sense of progression.  But for now, this is what I have time to give you.

Want to try Photoshop CS5 free?  Well, you can for 30 days!

This is what I’m using until my copy comes in the mail sometime this month.


5 thoughts on “A Simple How-To

  1. These are great and help! I am doing better with Photoshop – like you said, it is getting comfortable. 🙂

    • If you or anyone else wants a step-by-step on how I edited an image, just leave me a comment. I’ll get to posting the tutorial as soon as possible.

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