Week 17 – 119/365

I decided to make this post about shooting other photographers while they’re photographing. Not that I’d actually call myself a photographer (more like a faux-tographer)…

Anyways, here is my cataloging of the group I was with:


Jacklyn’s boyfriend H (I really should ask his permission to show his name/portfolio online…) checking his camera information.

119/365 Outtake

Jacklyn (portfolio) getting deep into those flowers.  So jealous of her 300mm lens.

119/365 Outtake

Caught Dynamic Image (flickr, twitter) checking his photo information.  I should check on how to understand the histogram.  It’s Greek to me.

Edit: I forgot to add this of Jacklyn annoying a goose so we could each have a good picture.

119/365 Outtake


2 thoughts on “Week 17 – 119/365

  1. The histogram is a measurement of tones in the image. If the graph is all of the way to the right side touching the wall it means your highlights are clipping and you won’t have any detail in them. Same for the left side, your shadows. If it’s bunched up to the left your shadows are clipping and you won’t have any details in them, pure black. So the idea is to have the graph in the middle preserving detail in the shadow and highlight areas. It’s all subjective to your style of course. Cameras have a limited latitude of about 6 stops and the human eye has a latitude of 11-14 stops. I try to push my histogram as much as I can to the right without blowing out my highlights and not worry about the shadows to much. One of the reasons photogs like shooting in the early morn or late afternoon because the contrast is low and their cameras can retain the dynamic range of the scene. Hope this helps:)

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