Week 17 – 117/365

Ok, I have a better excuse for being away this time.  I’m approaching finals month.  Usually it’s finals week, but since I’m a graduating  graduate, I’m spending more time and attention to every project, paper and test that crosses my path which makes the blog lay to the wayside.

I did have several images set to the side, but I didn’t have time to put them on flickr and write a post.  I’m here now and I’ll catch up again:

I mentioned a few times that while they are pretty, I do not enjoy flower photography.  I did step outside my comfort zone and take several images.

For the most part, these are all the same flower, I just changed my position or how I held the camera.


118/365 Outtake

118/365 Outtake

118/365 Outtake

118/365 Outtake

A few weeks ago, the DPS boards had a black and white flower photography assignment, but it was too rainy here to go out with my camera and shoot.  I am posting it here now since I went to the arboretum.


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