Week 16 – 112/365

Finishing week 16 with some strawberry shortcake!  I love having these on a hot day, especially when the strawberries and juice are nice and cold.  My favorite part is when the shall absorbs the juice and becomes soft.

112/365 Outtake

Yeah, take the juicy goodness in.  I had to make this shoot fast because I couldn’t wait to eat this.

112/365 Outtake

I like this shot, because of the texture of the strawberries and spongy shell.  I love how sweet the berries and juice were.  Yes, I did forget the whipped cream, but I don’t mind because it would be too much white on white on white, plus (and this is my personal opinion) it doesn’t add to the taste of the berries.

112/365 Outtake

Maybe the next time I make these, I’ll buy whipped cream.  Right now I have roughly 2.5 pounds of strawberries to get through ♥


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