Week 16 – 111/365

Ever have a day where you want to try making something you haven’t had since you lived at mom’s? Well, to ‘celebrate me being away from home for nearly a year, I started washing, cutting and macerating strawberries for some strawberry shortcake.


I’m pretty sure I’m doing this in the wrong order, but I dumped all the strawberries I bought inside my strainer and ran them under cold water for a few minutes, making sure the strawberries got clean.

111/365 Outtake

Next I went through each strawberry and took out the moldy and ones going bad.  Actually not many were bad since I got to the story pretty soon after the shipment came in.

111/365 Outtake

After I sorted out all the strawberries, I hand washed the chosen strawberries to make sure they are clean and not mushy or soft.


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