Week 16 – 110/365

Ever have a day where you want to try making something you haven’t had since you lived at mom’s?  Well, to ‘celebrate me being away from home for nearly a year, I started washing, cutting and macerating strawberries for some strawberry shortcake.

I decided, I need to take pictures of things in my lightbox other than Legos, so I stuck some food in there.  Minimal post-processing was done here.


First shot was this full shot.  I wanted to start with a nice establishing shot of the berries before attempting a macro shot.  I used this cup before in a previous week because of it’s cute size and ability to suit situations better than regular bowls.

110/365 Outtake

This and the next shot were attempts at macro/texture shots.  One with a better white balance than the other because of how interesting the different versions look.  And no, they are not the same shot cropped differently

110/365 Outtake


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