Week 15 – 105/365

Wow, I’m nearly a week behind.  Besides being sick, I was knocked out from allergies and lifting the camera let alone looking at it was an impossible deal.  I mean, I missed doing it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

But I’m back!  I’m spending the weekend at my friend’s apartment and we’re planning several photo-shoots.  Anyways, on to today’s images:

I want to call this ‘caught unawares‘ because even though it’s candid, the title is fitting.  Kids are adorable subjects and are always in movement.  Catching them unaware when a parent isn’t nearby is kind of hard to do.


Until I processed the image, I thought she was holding an Easter Egg because it was about a week after Easter.  It is actually a Zhu-Zhu pet, the Christmas craze for 2009.

105/365 Outtake

Actually surprised she didn’t see me.  I don’t know what she was looking at, but I’m thankful for the shot.  All of the girls at the park were ‘girly-girls’.  it was nice to see someone not primped for a visit to the park.

105/365 Outtake

Something about this kid and his pose made me really happy.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe because he’s a kid and was willing to wear such thick glasses and they actually work for him.


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