Week 15 – 104/365

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to NYC just to hang out and walk.  We hit up ever tourist trap we could within three hours and got lost very few times.  I don’t understand how a guy who is in the city less than I knows how to get from place to place more than me.  Probably because I wander around looking through my lens rather than actually paying attention to where I am.

Anyways, because it was a personal day with the two of us, I didn’t bring my DSLR or even Nik, my point and shoot.  I just had my iPhone in one hand and my other arm looped around my boyfriend’s arm.  I only took four shots and spent the rest of my time enjoying myself.  And you should too 🙂

104/365 Outtake

Parting shot of the city as we’re heading home.  Tired tourists are resting and the sun is casting a shadow across half of Time Square.

104/365 Outtake

Caught this guy (The Naked Cowboy for those who don’t know) on the way home taking pictures with tourists.  I heard he’s always in Times Square, but in all my travels  I had never actually seen him before.

104/365 Outtake

Had to get this dorky shot of Yellow in the M&M store.  This was my first shot of the day. I had originally hoped to have just pictures of self-serving mascot statues, but the Hershey store didn’t have any and the time slot between getting the train we needed was shrinking.  I settled on getting the above two shots and went home.  It was a good day.  We ended up getting pizza and wings, which are not in my new diet and put me in miserable pain.  Good day, good food and a good evening watching comedians. ♥


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