Week 15 – 102/365

Hey, did you know that there are animals in Central Park?  Yes, there are.  And not just the ones on the zoo.

First up!


This is a Britney Spaniel.  I didn’t catch his name, but his owner said he is a medical dog (obvious by the vest he’s wearing).  Specifically, he is a seizure dog.  When he senses his owner is having a seizure (apparently evident by what is excreted by the skin), he will position himself to keep her head from falling to the ground and alert people for help.

102/365 Outtake

Caught this guy in mid flight.  He moved too fast to be able to set the focus well, so only one picture came out.

102/365 Outtake

One of the carriage horses that take tourists around the park.  The poor things always look miserable (dirty water, being left near the busy streets, birds always sitting in their food) and no one is ever allowed to pet them because the horse may unexpectedly kick out from the stress.  Posing near the horse is fine, but the riders always have you at least two feet away from the horse.


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