Week 15 – 100/365

I’m not too big on flower photography. Personally, there are only so many ways you can photograph a flower that many people can see and photograph either better or worse than you or I. They are not pose-able, have no facial features that are unique to a millisecond capture and posing with them usually involves killing the flower.

Despite the above, I was compelled to take a few photos.  A very few, since these are the only ones:


100/365 Outtake

100/365 Outtake

100/365 Outtake

I really have nothing to say about any of the photos except for the last photo.  This is a panorama from about 20 photos.  I had the bad luck to come across an elderly woman who kept blocking my shots on purpose the entire time I was in this area.  I’m not sure what I did to make her angry, but she kept following me and standing in front of my camera.  Taking shots of this area was particularly hard because she would wave her hand in front of the lens, and laugh when the light (slightly to the right) was red and cars were idling in front of me.  I didn’t get too upset as I take it as karma for taking candid photos without getting any permission.  I was very annoyed, however, when she left with her husband and son she was visiting and she said “Let’s go, I’m done annoying her”.


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