Week 15 – 099/365

Happy week 15 everyone!  Since I owe another post today, I’ll be celebrating my 100th day 8D

For those of you that do not know, my dear fellow blogger and reader Javier is responsible for these street photography posts.  Mostly I was inspired by a game he has posted at DPS called =Capture a Stranger Street Style= he has posted over at the DPS forums.  Since we have ‘met’, he has posted a guest post here with several images and is a commenter on the site.

I’ve been thinking about the subject lately and I’ve been thinking that taking candid street photos is like a sport or hunting.


For one thing, you have to choose where you will be shooting.  Is it crowded?  Will people notice/care that you have your camera out? Are there tourists in the area?

I find that positioning myself in tourist traps is the best place to take pictures.  People are so busy looking at the sights or getting accosted by hustlers or taking photos that they do not notice me aiming directly at them rather then buildings.

099/365 Outtakes

Tourists (and natives) are interesting subjects.  In places like Times Square, they have strange expressions or clothing or mannerisms that make them fun to capture.

099/365 Outtakes

One concern for me is getting caught.  Sometimes the subjects are looking directly at the camera.  Are they looking at me?  Are they looking past me?  Are they looking at me but somewhere else in their head?  I almost never know.

I can count on maybe one or two hands the number of times I’ve been caught, and only once had I been approached by it.  I never posted that image because it came out very bad (heavy camera shake, way overexposed), but I imagine being confronted wouldn’t have made me not put it online.

What would I do if someone angrily confronted me?  That’s another reason why I choose to shoot in crowded areas: if I needed a quick escape, there are plenty of people I can lose myself in and plenty of sub areas to jump down into.

Regarding the one time I was confronted, it was outside Central Park on my way home.  I saw an adorable couple in their late 20’s/early 30’s walking my way.  On their right were the horses that take carriages of tourists around Central Park.  I decided to try and shoot when she was laughing and jogging a few paces ahead of him.  Unexpectedly, she jerked her head in my direction, then looked back at her boyfriend and alerted him to me.  Being startled at that point is probably what caused the camera shake.  The boyfriend came over and asked “did you take a picture of her?”  I denied it, saying I was taking a picture of the horses and she stepped in frame.  He apologised and they left, probably forgetting about me instantly.


4 thoughts on “Week 15 – 099/365

  1. Hi there:

    Love those street shots. A couple of days ago I was reading this post and posts on one my Flickr groups about street photography (which is probably one of my favorite photo styles). I got inspired about it and took my camera bag out to the nearest HEB to take some photos. Unfortunately, shyness over came me and I only had a couple of decent, but not great, photos. This usually happens if I”m alone. If I had somebody with me I am usually more confident.

    I admire that you went ahead and did it. I like the pics a lot.

    PS: learned about your blog for the DPS forum.

    • I read that post and I loved it. I prefer the naturalism of candids rather than the posed shots.

      Don’t worry, I was horribly shy the first time. If you go out for a few hours the shyness eventually goes away. I started candids in my 4th week of the blog purely because I admired Javier’s blog, and I committed a 4 hour span in NYC to taking those shots. I ‘only’ took 200 pictures in those four hours and I was horribly shy about my camera. Around the second two hours I became much more comfortable with myself and the camera so taking photos is easier now.

      It’s always nice to have a fellow DPS-er around. Which topic did you learn about my blog in?

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