Week 14 – 097/365

In between being unwell and tired, I’ve been very busy with classes and class related stuff.  it quickly got to where I didn’t even want to look here because it was another thing I “had” to do.  Finally got enough work done where I don’t feel stressed and can add a few of the missing posts.

Right now I’m going to post some more Candid Cosplay images, because that is what I had planned earlier.  What I had originally wanted to say is long gone from my mind, so here are some images for now:


This guy was watching the martial arts kids practice.  He was much taller than the other people, so he could stand back a little and still see.

097/365 Outtake

I have no idea what he is dressed as.  While he was walking, someone took a piece of fudge from his tray and he didn’t object, but at the time he didn’t seem to offer them either.  He wasn’t employed by the convention, so I’m not sure about his ‘function’.

097/365 Outtake

This guy was very interesting.  If it wasn’t for his badge, I would have assumed that he was some sort of goth/emo student wandering around the convention.


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