Week 14 – 096/365

Today I decided to do a ‘study’ of sorts on movement from my trip in Central Park.  No better place right?  Plenty of areas the stand and take pictures, lots of tourists to hide among to take my own pictures…etc.


My favorite thing about skaters is that no matter where they are, they don’t care if they’re being photographed.  Even if they fall, they get right back up and keep on skating, camera or no camera.  I can just choose a position, aim and shoot away happily.

096/365 Outtake

Volleyball is harder than skating to photograph.  There are a lot of people on each team, giving more chances for the wrong person to step in the middle of a shot.  Then there’s the aspect of actually playing, which involves ducking, running, jumping and diving.  Trying to get a tight zoom is nearly impossible.

096/365 Outtake

The opposite of movement is sloth.  This guy was actually the hardest to photograph.  He isn’t moving so he’s not distracted by anything.  He’s more sensitive than the first two to being photographed, and probably cares much more.


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