Week 14 – 095/365

There’s this game on the DPS board called “Straight Out Of Camera“.  I hate it because I can never participate.  Except for resizing to upload the image, no post processing is allowed to be done to the image.  Not even cropping!  It drives me bonkers.

So, in spite of the game, I’m uploading images I have processed the heck out of!  Take that rules!


Went a little crazy saturating this one, then smoothing the skin and sharpening the details on her sunglasses, hair and clothing. I’ll go over this in another post actually….

095/365 Outtake

Times Square is a GREAT place to take candid shots.  People have their attention drawn a billion different ways so even if they seem to be looking at me (like the girl above) they’re probably staring blankly, trying to avoid someone handing them a flier.

095/365 Outtake

For the most part, it was easy to identify tourists:

  • Largely, only tourists wear “I ♥ NY” shirts, no matter what the design
  • Native NYers look down when they walk because they know where they’re going.  Tourists look up for the sights
    • Ok, this one is looking down, but to the right was one of those guys selling the $60 NYC bus ride to look at buildings.  She was ignoring him.
  • She’s smiling!  Is it me, or do people in NYC just…never ever smile?

2 thoughts on “Week 14 – 095/365

  1. Three things!

    One: I smile in NYC all the time.
    Two: I always look around; up, down, along the street, sideways, forward in time, at people who are interesting, etc. Even when I know where I’m going.
    Three: I almost never know where I’m going.

    • Lies.

      1) You’re miserable and never smile
      2) Ok, this is true
      3) This is also true.

      Ok, so two out of three ain’t bad 8D Oh, also, I’m talking native NY as in NYC people.

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