Week 14 – 094/365

Today I’m going to do a little something special for you all.  I know you should be bored with convention photos right about now, so here’s what I’m doing:

I downloaded GoWalla and FourSquare for my iPhone and for a brief bit I’ll be following some of the recommended trips for NYC.  And, of course, I’ll post the results of my traveling here.  I might even revise the “three pictures a day” rule to “as many as I darn well please”.

How I’ll be posting in general from here on out is a mystery to me.  Should I try taking new pictures for now and save the HUUUGE buffer I have when I’m on bed-rest for two weeks? Probably.  But that’s over a month from now and as I said, I have a HUUUGGE buffer of photos.  I guess I’ll just see how today goes.  Because I’m going out early, the post will be early.

Without further ado…STEAMPUNK featuring The Penny Dreadful Photoshoot:



094/365 Outtake

094/365 Outtake

094/365 Outtake

094/365 Outtake

094/365 Outtake

Summaries will come later.  I need to catch a train!


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