Week 13 – 091/365

Warning: This post contains a woman in…revealing clothing.

I decided that because of one outfit, I would put the warning above.  The outfit has more clothing than a bikini one would see on the beach, but those with children or innocent eyes may not want to see the image.  I’ll put it last in the blog so no one suddenly sees this image.

If you are asking “why put the image up if she’s in revealing clothing?” I answer that I find the effort and execution of the costume is very admirable, plus the fact that she braved weather that dipped below 20* in it.

The lyrics “You put your hand upon my hip, when you dip, I dip, we dip” comes to mind for this post.  I decided to put up pictures of women who all struck a similar pose.  Obviously, that pose is one (or two) hands on their hips.

From least revealing to most:


When I saw her walk into a Warcraft panel, my jaw dropped.  Many people choose their outfits from stores and just add accessories, some people have outfits that fit them very well.  This person had an outfit that seemed to be made for her.  And indeed it was.  I believe this was her first time wearing the outfit at a convention.  I guess it was modeled after a Steampunk Slave Leia, but with a shorter skirt to show off the boots.  I thought her outfit was fantastic.  She made the entire thing herself and isn’t even a fashion major!


I was kind of disappointed when batman: Arkham Asylum had changed Harley Quinn’s outfit from her normal black, white and red to this more modern version, but it eventually grew on me.  Funny enough, someone pulled off this outfit and the original very well.  I love the little pigtails and the boots.


If this is from anything, I have no idea what it is.  I’m going to assume a video game character for no particular reason.  The temperature dipped below 20 degrees when I found her and she was kind enough to stand still for several photos.  I was told her top was painted on with liquid laytex, and the rest of her outfit was also hand made.  This picture was taken around 4 pm and she was still around at 7 when I was shaking with cold (and I was much warmer dressed than she!)  I hope she enjoyed the convention.

Edit: I was just informed by a friend that this outfit is a Dark Elf Sorceress from an MMO called Warhammer.


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