Week 13 – 090/365

Ten days before the big 1-0-0!  Today I decided to do “Cosplay Portraits“.

Now, I’m not used to asking for pictures, much less having people pose for me.  I like having people in their natural element with natural expressions.  Every now and then, however, I found people who had costumes that just called out to me.  So I forced myself to walk over (or shout out, depending on the circumstance) and ask for a few shots.  I was specific in saying “a few shots” or “head-shots” because I didn’t want them to leave their specific pose.


This girl was dressed as InuYasha, an extremely long running anime and manga.  While I do have some full body shots (which may be put up at some point), I wanted a closeup of her.

090/365 Outtake

I’m not sure whether or not this girl was from anything specific.  I thought she was a Blood Elf from on of my favorite games, but someone said she was from something else.  Either way, she seemed happy to stop for a few quick shots before leaving to go somewhere warmer.  Again, full shot in a later post.

090/365 Outtake

Lord Vader!  I didn’t expect to see him here, especially since there is so many new movies, shows and whatnot to get attention.  I think I caught him when he was trying to rest (he never spoke, so I got no answer when I asked if I was interrupting), but I joked that evil never rests.  Someone came up and agreed, and I asked if evil napped.  Vader shrugged and I laughed and thanked him for the shot and left.


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