Week 13 – 089/365

Today’s post is my first as a 24 year old!  I feel aged.  Like cheese or like wine is yet to be determined.  Also, thank you everyone for making the views double this month from the previous!  Anyways, today is something I think Photogs would like: Danbo!

I’m not sure entirely what Danbo is, except a little character made of what seems to be mini Amazon.com boxes and is the subject of many cute photos in Flickr.


There's something that should be said for getting down at a kid's level for a shot.

While I was heading from one event to another, I saw this adorable kid dressed as Indiana Jones attacked a Danbo!  You would think that Danbo would have the upper hand (due to her size), but her arms had no mobility and her legs seemed to have 1/4 of the mobility a normal person would have.  While I watched, she nearly fell over three times!

089/365 Outtake

I seem to find better pictures and scenes going from one panel to another rather than going around hoping for things to happen.  I wonder if I should have gone to more or less panels? 🙂

089/365 Outtake


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