Week 13 – 088/365

Happy birthday to me!  I am all of 24 today.  I picked today’s post (I’ve been asking friends on what order I should upload convention images) which is “Cosplay Candids“.

I think one type of photography I do best is candid street shots, something I got into because of my friend and dear reader Javier (Street Vision).  Being at a convention made practicing easier since everyone there has a reasonable expectation to be photographed without being asked.  For these shots, I took a DPS user’s advise on depth of field and shot “wide open”, which means having the aperture as wide open as possible.


This girl was watching some attendees dance together outside while everyone seemed to be relaxing from panels and mini-events.  I absolutely loved this pose and expression.

088/365 Outtake

This next girl was watching the kids from the Shaolin Kung Fu Studios perform.  I’m not sure why she was posing like this, but it made for an interesting image.

088/365 Outtake

This guy was also watching the Shaolin Kung Fu Studios kids perform.  He was dressed as a knight and seemed to be waiting for the Medieval Combat Demo to begin.


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