Week 13 – 087/365

One of the more interesting styles I’ve come across in my (almost) 24 years is the Steampunk style.

Steampunk Wiki Definition:

“Steampunk” refers to a “retro futurist” type of fiction, or science fiction from a 19th-century point of view. The distinguishing character of such stories are advanced technological inventions made with the technology actually available in the late 19th century (e.g. steam-powered flying machines, computational devices, electrical marvels, &c.). The originators of the genre were 19th-century writers such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, but it was revived in the late 20th century. The term itself is a merging of “cyberpunk”, another subgenre of science fiction, with the predominant power source of the Victorian era. Those who dislike the term often use “gaslamp fantasy” in its stead.

I’ve always been drawn to it because unlike other sub-genres (ie: goth, punk, etc) there aren’t any strict ‘rules’ to follow, and as the members of “Penny Dreadful” stated, can be merged/melded with anything else.  During my time at the convention, I got to go the “A Very Dreadful Steampunk Photo Shoot“, shown below:


Leprechaun and Professor Ulysses Marvel - debating dandily!

After some group shots, Lucretia decided it was time for double shots for us photographers.  She first asked for two to argue.  Lep and Professor Marvel jumped forward and were ‘VERY ANGRY RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!’.


Lep giving Madame Lucretia Dearfour a kiss on the claw (yes, those are claws)

At one point Lucretia asked the photographers for posing ideas.  I was the idiot who yelled “dance!”  Lep stepped forward again, Lucretia handed Alan off to someone and the two began an attempt at dancing.  I will post the attempts later.  Right now we shall continue!

087/365 Outtake

Lep and Dancer dan-dan-dancing ♫

After Lucretia stepped away and took Alan back (Alan, who is, according to the siteEnchanted skull of former flyboy playboy. Freeloader, gambler, and drunkard’s council.“), Dancer came forward to Can-Can with Lep.  After a few awkward steps and Lep catching on, the entire group stepped forward for a brief dancing period.

For a bit of clarity, the Penny Dreadful group had members with names that were easy to look up while the other cosplayers had never offered names.  So Lucretia Dearfour and Professor Ulysses Marvel are their ‘actual’ names while Lep, Dancer, Red-Tie Lawyer and Madame Gloves are all nicknames given throughout the photo-shoot.

After about an hour of posing, I have roughly 400-500 pictures to show.  Some are head shots, single full body, double full body, and group shots.  I asked my makeup-artist E (blog, twitter) the order of which I should do some uploads, and he opted for single full body and double full body.


4 thoughts on “Week 13 – 087/365

  1. I was laughing at myself very hard when I first saw these pictures and how ridiculous I look, but I am also very honored and thankful for 1. being worthy enough to be posted on your page, and 2. to have had such a wonderful experience with these ladies and gentlemen of steampunk. This was my first ever convention and first time ever dressing up in Steampunk and I am fully hooked now. I will most assuredly be coming up with better costume designs in the near future when I have money to do such things. Thank you once again for the wonderful picture and this “Lep” hopes you can send him some more of them very soon.

    • Well you were a wonderful model so I wouldn’t have assumed that this was your first convention. I was told that there is a Steampunk convention in May by Mr. Lawyer that I may or may not attend (it’s smack in the middle of my finals).

      I’m sorry about calling you ‘Leprechaun’, but it was what everyone was calling you and it helped me remember things :S I can change it if you want.

      Thank you very much for allowing me to keep your photos on the blog. I’ll mail you the CD as soon as possible.

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