Week 12 – 082/365

Have I ever mentioned that I love graffiti?  No?  I’m surprised that I didn’t.  I guess it’s never come up in our conversations.

Anyways, none of the following were made by artists like Banksy, but I still appreciate the work behind them…even if they were probably made by gang members or other social parasites.

082/365 Outtake

I like this the best of today's three. This was towards the beginning of my trip and has the most texture out of all of the graffiti images.

082a082/365 Outtake

I wonder who Joel is and what he is doing now?

082/365 Outtake

What on earth does "OREK" mean?

If pressed, I couldn’t tell you if I saw more graffiti on buildings, walls or trains, but I can say that there was no completely similar style.  Sure, they all look the same to some people, but there is the different “fonts”, thickness of letter borders, use of “shine” and colors, etc.  Each tag was as different as a fingerprint to me, which made looking out for them make the 5 hour train seem like a mere 30 minutes.


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