Week 12 – 081/365

Last night was my brother’s little racecar derby at his school.  We prepared by watching an episode of South Park (it’s relevant, I promise) and painting/shellacking(?) his car.

The event was pretty uneventful, as in, nothing unexpected happened.  There was the obligatory announcements, pledge of allegiance, people being confused as to which group was going first and the one kid not listening to a parent and knocking down the track.  It wasn’t broken, and looked like it has survived worse.  The poor kid was convinced (briefly) that he ruined the evening.  It was also another’s birthday.


Competing for first and second place!

I’m actually surprised the track only fell the one time.  The setup seemed so weak that it should have fallen several times throughout the race.  It lasted through the first runs and re-runs and little bumps through the evening.

081/365 Outtake

My brother has the red car. He won 3rd out of everything 🙂

There was a surprising amount of parents with DSLRs that seemed to have a handle on their cameras.  When asked, they boasted that they were professionals and that I could leave and enjoy just watching because they were handling the event.  I asked the gear they usually shot with (I love talking gear, although I don’t understand half of what professionals say), and got glared at when they thought I saw through their ruse or made up stuff on the spot (Never heard of a Nikonon with a rugby lens.  Must be new.)

081/365 Outtake

A four way tie?

I think the end of the night was easiest, when the photog parents were winding down and I was still taking pictures.  I was asked why I was still taking pictures.  “So if your child wins a trophy, they have the winning shot, plus a picture of them with the trophy”.  “You’d do that for us?” they asked.  “That’s what I’m here for.”  I got a few sheepish apologies for previous Anti-Babs behavior, or slightly shocked looks and I was able to photograph the last hour or so without much interference.


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