Week 12 – 078/365

First weekend back home and I forgot (again) how boring this place is.  Driving is terrible.  I can’t believe “speeding” here is 40mph.  That’s the lowest speed limit where I moved!

Anyways, I spent the day running around doing chores, getting my brother’s computer fixed and helping with his homework and Boy Scout’s project I almost forgot about today’s image (or last week’s.  I think I’m still behind).

I took a quick run outside and snapped three shots of my house (three different exposures) around sunset or so then went back inside.  I came out with the following:


I think this is a pretty good mid-sunset shot of the house.  I managed to get enough detail back from the shadows, get the sky as close to natural as I could get and not have something too odd-looking.

Tomorrow’s post may not come until much later.  I am running to my friend’s house to see her baby (my goddaughter) and I don’t know if I am allowed to post her pictures online.  If not, I’ll probably get a picture of her pets or of something else.  I do know that in the morning I am posting the before and after of this image, plus some more “how-to’s” on it.


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