Week 11 – 077/365

Yes, I know, you missed me today.  I was on the train for the majority of the day (Just made the first one.  Seriously, the doors were closing as my ticket printed and I had to sprint to the nearest open one) and when I got home I did the whole “big sister thing” (playing video games).  Now that I am a bit more decompressed, I can look through the 80-something pictures I took on the train.

I was planning on taking more images, but I ended up falling asleep for about two hours, missing a few villages that lay right next to the tracks.  Luckily, I caught a few gems (and did some pseudo-HDR processing).


Slapped on my 200mm lens for this. I didn't even know this came out!

The problem with taking images on a moving vehicle is that you don’t know what shutter speed you should go with.  I played the “over-under” game for roughly 30 minutes, before settling on 1/400 for this image.  At one point I went as far as 1/4000 (way too fast) and finished up with between 1/800-1/1000 for the rest of the trip.

077/365 Outtake

More pseudo-HDR! Sister post tomorrow?

I’m calling this and the previous image pseudo-HDR because of how I processed them.  probably not remotely near the same process as actual HDR, but the end result is somewhat similar.  I think?

077/365 Outtake

Just a simple tree and bench.  Posted last because of how it’s processing is different than the first two images.  It is actually on the same body of water as the first image, just a few yards away.


2 thoughts on “Week 11 – 077/365

    • Since you (and a few others) liked the second image, I am readying a post for tomorrow on how I did it, with a before and after shot.
      Remember, there is a poll on the blog on what kind of posts you want/are hoping for in the future. Any input helps me make this blog better 🙂

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