Traveling Again

So, I think I have everything prepared.  The camera and lenses are clean, my memory cards were backed up twice before I wiped them, battery is charged and cords are packed.  AMTRAK and Penn Station both allow photography (although I doubt I can photography the beautiful new security dogs.  I love German Shepherds.)  I commented to my online professor that I will be 100% unavailable for about 7 hours today because of the trip and I allowed my boyfriend to eat some perishable food I bought.  I think I’m set.

Before I leave for the day, I want to ask you, the viewer(s), what do YOU want in some upcoming posts?  Should I try harder for a guest poster?  Do you want to be a guest poster?  Should I post a before and after picture my post processing?  Do you want a video of my process? Vote below:

Also, I have changed the layout design for a bit.  I might change it again or change it back.  I’m just testing the waters for a bit.


One thought on “Traveling Again

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