Week 11 – 076/365

For my own reasons, I have my camera take pictures in RAW, mostly because I like comparing the unprocessed, unaltered JPG next to the processed Raw image.  This reduces the number of images I am allowed to take on a shoot, so I only do this on short trips or photo shoots done in my living area.

When I headed out to the zoo, I changed my preset so it would take only RAW images.  I was trying to have more room in the camera for images, plus preparing for the usual photos I expected to take (over/under exposure, camera shake) and the unexpected (condensation in camera and lens in tropics section).  I’d say, for the most part I did pretty ok.  But as a beginner, I still wasn’t fully prepared for some things I encountered.

Today I’m packing to go upstate home tomorrow for a few days and I decided to go through the RAWs that I had previously rejected.  All were pretty much black and horrible to look at, but I was able to play with them a fair amount to get the following images:


No, this isn’t Zoë, it’s her mom Cocoa.  Cocoa took a break from pacing her area to watch her daughter up on her perch.  I caught her mid yawn here.  She turns 14 this year and was 11 when

076/365 Outtake

I was very happy to find that this image came out.  The RAW had the highlights blown out and the shadows were ridiculously dark.  I’m glad the focus came out so well on the eyes.

076/365 Outtake

Unfortunately, this is as good as I could get this image to come out.  This little guy was too cute to pass up, but recovery was so hard because the entire image was near pitch-black.


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