Week 11 – 075/365

So today I went to a photo store to check out a camera lens.  This one, specifically: A Tamron AF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 LD on Amazon for roughly $100 ($179 off).  As a tech geek, I always wonder why an electronic has a huge price cut.  I found out this model does not have an in-body integrated autofocus-motor. The model I saw in the store (Tamron AF 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di LD) is $100 more and I have NO idea if I will buy it.  I also tried the Lensbaby Muse and Composer and loved them both.  The Composer seems to be more practical, but the Muse is much more fun (you need to press and move the lens…here, just watch the video).

Ok, enough of the videos and rambling about what lens I should buy.  I shouldn’t buy any, I’m broke.


The ice skating rink is pretty small, so people went around very fast.  Whether or not I was taking a quick procession of shots, I could easily find the same subjects over and over again.  That’s how I saw these girls over and over.

075/365 Outtake

The girl in blue never really got her balance.  I missed when she fell moments later because I was taking a woman’s picture immediately after.

075/365 Outtake

This couple was cute.  They were both comfortable on the ice.  By their body language as I watched, she was very involved with holding his hand (not for balance) and telling her story and he was stuck trying to pay attention to her story, hold her hand and watch out for other skaters that would dodge in and out around them.  While they were a cute couple, they weren’t terribly interesting to photograph.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a handle on how to photograph in this situation and my pictures didn’t come out too well.  I took more pictures than I meant to (I was lost trying to find the zoo), and I was planning on taking a ton of pictures on the street.


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