Week 11 – 073/365

So I am falling behind again, despite having (some) more time.  I’m trying to get used to a normal sleep schedule again and trying to figure out what is happening next week.  I’m supposed to watch my brother while my family is away, but I may have to leave for some medical reasons.  Anyways, now that this is cleared up…


These birds are all from the tropical section of the zoo.  I took a lot more pictures, but I didn’t wait for my camera body & lens to warm up to the environment, so there was a ton of condensation.  Unfortunately, because of this, about 50 pictures I took of fantastic birds came out 100% black.


This guy and his buddy were particularly devious.  One dived at my head close enough so I felt feathers on my face, and this one landed in front of me, cocking his head and ‘grinning’ at me until I left.

073/365 Outtake

Just a small parrot-like bird.  It was a bit away and didn’t seem to care for being captured on camera.  It left soon after this shot.

073/365 Outtake

This last one was very patient.  My camera had fogged up again and was not taking images as fast as it previously was.  I think I got about 20 shots using auto focus and manual focus.  He flew right by me at one point to perch closer, but it was too close for the lens I had on.  There was no room to move back and he had flown away by the time I had switched lenses.


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