Week 11 – 072/365

Toady I wanted to take a crack at multiple subjects.  Because I find multiples easier to photograph than singles, I tend to not focus on them much.  People in pairs or groups are usually engaged in conversation and don’t always notice if someone is pointing a camera their way.  I usually like the more elusive (and ornery) single subject. 🙂


For this shot, I hid on the corner and just took pictures of whoever was rounding it.  The girls were looking at the horse-drawn carriages and the artists drawing people’s portraits.  Not sure what the girl’s expression is about, but I love it.

072/365 Outtake

This couple didn’t seem to be familiar with the city, and they seemed intent on catching up with someone to ask for directions….after they beat the street light crossing.

072/365 Outtake

In the zoo, this group seemed to have gotten bored with the animals and played some version of Red Rover.  Or something, I’m not sure but they didn’t care about the camera up to my face.


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