Week 10 – 070/365

These are two pictures I was able to take of kids at the zoo.  Taking pictures of children is hard because they move around so much, and you cannot usually get a good candid shot unless you completely catch them off their guard.


This little boy and his sisters (?) were playing while the parents were packing things to leave the zoo.  The boy stopped to relaxed and looked my way.  I took another shot before this (he made a face I didn’t like) and this shot is just before he realized I actually took the picture (he was shocked 🙂 ).  He never looked distressed, nor alerted his parents, so I think I’m in the clear?

070/365 Outtake

This little girl was looking at the sea lions.  I have no idea if her mom had something to get this expression, but it was priceless.  The sea lions were swimming and jumping and being all sorts of fun, but she had the cutest look of distress on her face!


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