Week 10 – 069/365

Here are some more extreme animal closeups I took yesterday.  I found out that some did not come out well because I didn’t wait long enough for the condensation in my lens to go away before shooting.


This girl (I believe was named Zoe or Zoey), came very close to the glass partition between us.  Apparently this is very rare for her kind.  She trilled the two little girls who were also there.

069/365 Outtake

I don’t know what on earth happened with my camera, but the background was actually white or very bright.  I prefer how it looks black, however.  It allows the Gecko’s shadows to blend in with the background and makes the colors pop out more.

069/365 Outtake

I got to the zoo just in time for these guys to be fed.  There was a whole presentation show where the seals did acts and was overall very fun.  For once, I was able to get really good pictures and I didn’t have to try and peer through bodies or over someone’s head.


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