Week 10 – 068/365

I have to say, I wholeheartedly love these images.  I didn’t see the sharp textures until I pulled them up on the screen and I was very happy.


I've been recently informed that this is called a "Victoria Crowned pigeon"

When I was in the Tropic area of the zoo, I was thinking of one of my favorite bird photographers, Scott Borne, at the time.  Some people saw birds, took quick snaps, then walked away.  I stayed, waited, changed my angle, watched for the right moment, then took my shot.  This bird is a real beauty, especially the bright blue feathers and the sharp red eyes.

068/365 Outtake

This bear was a fantastic model, but a sad case.  She paced the same area no less than 15 times when I was there, and performed the same actions that were all photo-worthy.  I had the feeling that she was fed to positively reinforce these poses.

068/365 Outtake

Monkeys! Every child’s favorite animal.  They were quite adept at hiding from small crowds that were at one part of their enclosure, but as people surrounded heir small island, they came out of hiding and performed their little acts for the paying customers.  I got this little guy about half an hour before the park closed, which meant there were less people.  They seemed more calm and picturesque then.


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