Week 10 – 067/365

Second post of Single Subjects.  This is mainly because I still have my 4gig card converting the NEF files into DNG files so I can process them and put them online.  it’s taking forever and I have other projects at hand to worry about anyways.

Anywho, onto the photos!


This photo actually has very little editing done.  To be completely honest, I only cropped the image and bumped up the saturation.

067/365 Outtake

This had some basic processing done to it.  Color correction, realigning the horizon, saturation, etc.  I originally took the picture because the woman looked like she needed some attention for her crafts.  I hope she sold something.

067/365 Outtake

This dude was standing on stilts when I arrived at Central Park, waving at people and taking pictures with tourists.  I caught him taking a break on a bench and found this more interesting tham him waving at anyone who looked like they may give a donation.


5 thoughts on “Week 10 – 067/365

  1. Little lady, you keep surprising…That first is a fine street photo. I love the position of the Broadway sign in relation to the subject. Fantastic work 🙂

    • Than man was a fantastic model. People were shooting pictures of his photography or of things around him, but I think (at the time) I was the only person focusing on HIM. He didn’t seem to mind and the picture came out well.

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