Week 10 – 066/365

Ok, heading into a week (or so) of daily THEMES!

Or postly, whatever.  Anyways, today’s theme: Single Subject:


This lady was my favorite.  I just found out this came out. At this point of the day I was trying to get back to Penn Station and my candid photo taking was anything but discrete at this point.  This made people walk by really fast if they noticed me.  She, thankfully, didn’t and I caught her looking into the distance.

066/365 Outtake

Another guy that didn’t notice me.  This was taken (I think) in Times Square.  He was so into his phone call, he didn’t notice me taking picture after picture of him.  This one was my favorite.

066/365 Outtake

Taken at the same area as the man above.  This guy was crossing the street and looking more at the ground than up at people.  My first thought when I saw him: “Santa??”


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