Ok, Today…

Today I will be back.  I’m heading out to Central Park in an hour or so with two 4gig memory cards, two lenses and a few podcasts of Photofocus on my iTouch.

My goal is to take as many different themes of photography while I am out and split them into my missing days.  As I am still deciding on walking (a 40 minute trek) vs a 6 minute taxi/bus ride and where exactly I want to go in the park, the exact themes I will be planning on going for are still up in the air.

While I’m out, I may as well plan a shot for my own header in this blog, huh?

Also, the week after next, I will be heading upstate to take care of my little brother during my Spring break, so you’ll see a sharp decline in Lego photos, and possibly more images from me of my brother and dog.  There is a cruddy zoo nearby I might visit, although the last time I was about to head there, a seal drowned


One thought on “Ok, Today…

  1. I look forward to seeing the central park images. In times I have been to NY, Central park has been on my list of places to visit and have not been able to make it there.

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