Week 10 – 065/365

So, I’m still behind.  And very hungry.  I had to hold back eating to take pictures of this cupcake, and I failed half-way through 😛


My boyfriend came home with this cupcake thing 🙂

Also, this is not Photoshopped to look like it is floating.  The background was ever-so-slightly bent to be the ground as well and the lighting had no shadow in front.

065/365 Outtake

Tasted like...a very healthy carrot cake thing.

065/365 Outtake

Poor little cupcake....you were so tasty in a weird way.

Oh, and I finally got to use my pink and purple backgrounds.  And here I thought I would never use them ♥  I wonder if my boyfriend tasted his half since he inhaled it so fast…


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