Yes, I know I am behind on posts.  I fell asleep after coming home from my night class last night and I’m dead tired from work today.  Tomorrow I have a (semi) early class that is (kind of) short, but I have no work until Sunday.  Well, work that I drive to and spend roughly 9 hours and get paid for.  In that time I will make up for days 62 and 63, and post 64 as well.

I’ll also try and take a ton of pictures so I will have a buffer or at least a”vault” to look back into and say “see? I didn’t forget you guys!”

Oh, well I’ll do that now by pulling a ‘reject’ photo from my NYC walk earlier this year and showing the before and after.


Original image


Yay post processing!

Oddly enough, these women walked right by me and never looked at me.


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