Week 7 – 049/365

Like a kid, I lost my gloves yesterday and went to class early hoping no one took them (they’re very nice gloves).  I ended up getting some nice shots of the deSeversky center, where I was taking my night class.  I usually don’t get there before it’s dark.


I tried doing an HDR effect (I finally got the bracketing down) but I don’t get nearly the same effect other people do. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

049/365 Outtake

One of the side roads never got plowed (correctly) so I got out of the car and took this.

Yes, I did find my glove ♥

Edit: I quick downloaded a HDR processing program and got this.  not sure on my feelings of it yet.  Definitely do NOT like the whiteish aura around the bushes.

049/365 Outtake


2 thoughts on “Week 7 – 049/365

  1. I like the first shot better than the HDR, the weird looking bushes are definitely off-putting and the light in the first image is sufficient, so doesn’t really need HDR processing. HDR is useful in some situations, but not all!

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