Week 7 – 045/365

Despite everything, a Dwarf will sit on the sidelines on the rare occasions humans come by to fight the Orcs.  Why show you’re ready to run to the soldiers at the beginning of the fight when the battle may go sour.  This little Dwarf quickly throws his fishing rod away.


Bait also makes a good snack when a show is about to start.

Some soldiers are not great at fighting.  Seriously, jumping in the water in full armor?  How can he swing his weapon?

045/365 Outtake

Fighting in the water is much harder than it looks.

At adolescence, the Dwarfs seem to worry more about growing beards and watching fights than taking the chance at freedom.  His ancestors would be ashamed if they watched over their people any more.

045/365 Outtake

"All this for ME?"


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