Week 6 – 041/365

Over the many months, the Orcs and Ogres elected an Orc king after several battles against humans.  The king had defeated the most humans in the most battles and has only lost a single eye in the process.  The king named himself Gorgug the Axe-Bringer. Gorgug – the noise the last human he killed uttered and Axe-Bringer based on his former weapon of choice.

Gorgug is flanked by his two Orc advisors; one a fighter of steel and might and one of magic and lore.

Advisor Vak the Arm-Stomper and Advisor Kraag the Storm-Stalker, both named by the king are his chosen advisers.

041/365 Outtake
Vak and Tragor get along well in their shared position, despite being of different races, strengths and intelligiences.

Despite the Orcs ‘taking over’ the castle the Ogres had originally captured, Vak elected an Ogre named Tragor Kedar to be of equal rank that could report to the king in his stead.

041/365 Outtake
Advisor Kraag is frequently unhappy about many situations in life. His position behind the king is not an accidental one.

It is currently unknown how Adviser Kraag was chosen to his position.  He is noted, by many others, to seem treacherous against the king and may plot to overthrow him with his magics.


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