Week 6 – 040/365

Wow! Yesterday ended up being my most popular day!  I wonder if it was the story that drew the popularity or the images themselves?  Now if only I could get some comments along with the views…?  Anyways, STORYTIME:

Long ago, in the human lands, there was a king who was warring with a distant relative.  This relative was distant in the familial sense and in the physical sense.  The king was foolish, and spread his armies far across the lands, and left less than 1/3 of his knights to guard his castle.

Within months of the king leaving to his war, the Ogre race rose up and slaughtered the puny humans.  Moons later, there was a armored warrior that appeared at the gates of their new home.  It was a small Orc who had laid down his arms as two hulking gate keepers approached.


The Orc begs the Ogres for a peaceful audience.

The Ogres agree, but only if the Orcs drop their weapons upon arriving.  The messenger signals his small team and they approach.

040/365 Outtake

Orcs and Ogres confer on the pros and cons of an alligance.

The talk lasts many hours.  The Orcs had arrived at daybreak and continued into the sun’s dying rays.

040/365 Outtake

The Ogres allow the Orcs to stand. They are allowed indoors to stay the night,a nd possibly for them to live.

The talks have gone well.  Are the days of man over?


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – 040/365

  1. “Are the days of man over?”

    -NO!! They just need the help of the Elves!!!

    RE: comments…you want them here or on Flickr??? u decide…

    • We have no elf Lego men, sorry!
      Comments anywhere, I don’t care. Input helps me decide what to do next though. For this blog you do not have to be registered to comment ♥

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