Week 6 – 039/365

I am very surprised that yesterday I got any views, being it was Superbowl Sunday.  It ended up being my 4th popular day ever!  I feel loved ♥  Before I post the pictures, I have to say I had a lot of fun despite being sick (again) while doing it.  I ran into a ton of trouble because I was doing everything in a dark room and I had to find a third lamp for light.  Unfortunately, the light I found has a yellow glow instead of white, and I had nothing to diffuse the light!  What I ended up doing was pointing the light at the ground, have it at a slight angle towards the subjects, and I moved it closer to soften the shadows.


The monster looks for Johannes, one popcorn kernal at a time.


In there, Johannes found some old and new commerads.


Just....how many were there?


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