Week 5 – 034/365

Continued from yesterday:

Just as Johannes was feeling nauseous from being spun, the rocket he fired previously suddenly blew a fuse.  The sudden heat and light startled the monster enough to let Johannes free.  The robot skidded away and the pilot eyed the monster.


"C'mon. C'moooon" Johannes muttered, watching the flame.

The monster crushed the missile in his large palm and dropped it on the ground.  Johannes backed up as fast as he could as the monster dropped slightly and let out a bellowing roar.

034/365 Outtake

"A dud?!" he yelled, beginning to turn his robot for a speedy retreat.

Unfortunately the retreat wasn’t fast enough.  The monster gave his head a great shake, roared once again and charged after the poor Storm-trooper.

034/365 Outtake

"Ah! Help! Help me!" Johannes shouted, as the large hand began to clamp down on the back of the pilot's robotic ride.

Johannes didn’t turn fast enough, and he felt his robot being pulled backwards by the large monster.  He didn’t know what to do next, do you?

I’m open to suggestions!  Have any? Put it in the comments!  You do not need to be registered to comment.


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