Week 5 – 033/365

I underestimated how much stuff I had to do early this week.  This ‘theme’ may be running for a few days.  Apologies, but I’ll try and keep this interesting.

Storm-trooper Johannes marched down the eternally dark landscapes of New Haven for days upon end.  The twin suns cast little light upon the dark, unremarkable landscape.  There was not a cloud in the sky that he could see, nor a rock on the road.  So he trudged on.


"I probably should have seen this coming..."

Quite suddenly, he happened upon a large creature made entirely of rocks and glowing green minerals.  The creature’s presence did not register with Johannes  immediately, so he stopped his robot mere paces from the creature’s grasp.

033/365 Outtake

"I'm going to need a bigger robot!"

The two strangers sized each other up.  Two things crossed Johannes’ mind:

“I’m going to need a bigger robot!” and “Where in the world did this thing spring up from?”.

033/365 Outtake

"Hey you big galoot! Stop swing'in me around! Hey, how did you catch that missile?"

Immediately, the two began their fight.  The monster grabbed the front of Johannes’ rover and spun them around over and over.  In a desperate attempt to get free, Johannes tried firing off a rocket.  To his dismay, the monster caught it in his claw with little to no harm done to his person –erm –his monsterness.

“Hey you big galoot! Stop swing’in me around!” the little Storm-trooper shouted.  “Hey, how did you catch that missile?” he asked, almost pitifully.

Continued tomorrow 🙂


4 thoughts on “Week 5 – 033/365

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  2. Story is great with the photos! I really like the second photo with the robot in the background blurred – I have begun a photo a day — always love ideas!

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