Week 5 – 031/365

Before I start, I have to announce that today marks one month since I started my blog!  The DPS Assignment group generally celebrates every 50th submission (“Milestones”), but I really wanted to celebrate my first completed month.

Ok, I kind of lied.  Unintentionally however.  I did say yesterday that today’s entries would be of the self-portrait variety.  However, after about an hour of shooting, not one came out correctly!

So, instead, I waited a few hours until it got dark and I said to myself “Self, why not play with the flashlight?”, to which I answered “Why am I just sitting here?”.


I drew myself with light 😀 teehee

So I searched the interwebs for a good ‘tutorial’ (or a reference for the ISO, focusing, mode I should use, etc) and established that most people used manual, a low ISO and hoped for the best in regard to focusing.

031/365 Outtake

Not exactly sure why I drew an angel...

031/365 Outtake

I see a butterfly here

031/365 Outtake

Haha, I like the monster face 😀

Ok, ok, I kind of lied (Again.  Bad Babs.).  Here is a non-entry self-portrait for the 365.  I was playing in between shots and got this.  I wanted to see how much I could do in the 15+ seconds I had that was not a planned drawing.

A Prelude to Tomorrow aka Self Portrait

I am very amused at my 'halo' and 'HADOKEN' in my hands.


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