Week 5 – 029/365

I, for one, had a ridiculously fun day yesterday. This post will have more images than normal because I had such a great day. My blog, my rules! Despite some snow in the morning, I did end up going out for a photo walk. Yeah, it was colder than I wanted to deal with, but I was listening to some of Scott Bourne’s Photo Focus podcast in the car and during my walk and enjoying the sun setting slowly.

First thing on my walk: A HAWK!  I unfortunately couldn’t utilize any of his [Mr. Bourne’s] bird photo tips because I was on a college campus with students walking back and forth and annoying the poor guy. He had to abandon his lunch because a guy in shorts was jogging too close to where he was eating. I managed to get some shots off that were keep-worthy. I had difficulty with the sun in the background, but I was able to recover the images post in RAW format.


029/365 Outtake

029/365 Outtake

029/365 Outtake

This next image is during my walk back to the sports complex. Not one of my sports images came out, but I was still enjoying the golden light the sun was throwing on the trees. Speaking of trees, we had some with bark I’ve never seen before. Maybe these are upstate where I live, but I never took a chance to see them up close like I did today. Weeeird looking in my opinion!

029/365 Outtake

Finally, I was chatting with some friends on AIM and someone noted that there was a full moon out. Taking a picture of a full moon has been an obsession of mine since the blue moon about a month or so ago. So I ran out with all of my gear (which made my building manager, head security guard and maintenance supervisor stare at me as I was leaving the building), headed out to the parking lot and set everything up until I was satisfied with my images. After I packed up and started to head inside, I thought I could capture an interesting image with the moon and some clouds, but they didn’t show up at all. So I had to do a march back inside, past three men who thought I was a loony, especially after looking at the pictures and headed upstairs. I’m still really happy about my day’s work.

029/365 Outtake

Really really wish I had my mom’s 75mm-300mm lens for the moon and hawk even though the auto-focus is slightly broken.


7 thoughts on “Week 5 – 029/365

  1. Great shots Babette! Love the hawks! I have been trying to get a hawk ever since I got my 70-300 and man they don’t like to get there picture taken! at least by me anyway!

    Your mom’s 300 would have been perfect for the moon shots though, especially since you have to manually focus that shot anyway!! BTW did you know your posting all your submittals on the front page?? even your outtakes? maybe you meant to , but you usually don’t do that…

    • Thanks a ton! Seeing the hawk was pure happenstance (who under 50 uses that word anymore besides me? lol). I had to crop these all down because the original pictures larger and the subject is tiny. I may dedicate a post int he future to before and afters.

      Actually, I was able to auto-focus on the moon. It took a few tries, but the auto-focus came out better than manual. I think it was because I was so cold I was shaking too bad to focus well.

      What do you mean “posting all your submittals on the front page?? even your outtakes?” I’m confused? Only two were posted to the DPS pool, I just checked.

  2. Never mind, usually you only post one a day in the pool right? or are you catching up? Or can we post more to the pool than our daily 365?? I didn’t know if we could?

    • We can put up to three items a day on the 365 group. I put up two.

      Sometimes if I can’t decide which picture I like most, I’ll put up and additional one or two in the group pool. I used to put three up a day, but it quickly wore me down and I gave up around the two week mark.

      From under the group discussion:

      Additional Information

      This group is public This is a public group.

      * View the group rules.
      * Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.

      • Got IT! Still new to Flickr and this group, so didn’t know the “rules”! I thought the three a day was for when you were gone or catching up…Yeah I am usually lucky if I can get one picture for a day!

        • Nope, check the recent submissions. Some people posted two and some did three today. I aim for at least one a day posted to the group, and generally 20 a day to pick the top three for the blog. Generally. Tomorrow may be a problem.

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