Week 4 – 028/365

“Ugh, why is it cold?  Oh dear god it’s snowing.”  That was my first full sentence this morning and I decided I absolutely not was going outside today.  I decided to pull out my little photo studio, stole my boyfriend’s new Lego creature and started snap-snap-snapping away:


I like this pose.  I imagined that it was reaching up for a little Lego man as he was running across a bridge or in a  helicopter.  I like the slight glow in it’s eyes from how the light reflected.

028/365 Outtake

In my opinion, it looks like he is either reaching out for a lover in a poetic manner, or reaching out for prey.  Whichever works.

I liked having the subject on the left this time, breaking the white/black space with a single arm that breaks into the ‘high focus’ range.

028/365 Outtake 2

If you cannot tell, I have a thing for having a busy subject almost completely on one side and being balanced out by some white space (or in this case, black space) on the other side.  I never reposed the creature, I just moved where I was sitting.

The black background looks different in each image because the background was actually a dull gray and I had to reprocess each image until they were  ‘perfect’.  Perfect for each image didn’t make each background a uniform black.  I didn’t want a solid black int he final image because I enjoyed the texture and the slight blue tint.  The other backgrounds also didn’t need to be a complete black, and looked fine (in my opinion) in several variants of gray.


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