Week 4 – 026/365

This is my last “in the street” photography for a little bit.  I really need to go out and take a variety of images.  Since classes start today (yesterday doesn’t count, I was scheduled in the wrong class) I’ll be taking pictures more later in the day, at least for the most part.  Besides taking pictures of my school, I’ve been experimenting the last few nights with smoke photography.  I found it was a very interesting subject and since I have a Portable Photo Studio and some materials, I’ve been experimenting with it.  More into that tomorrow.  Today, the last of my street photography:


This guy didn't care one way or the other if he was being photographed. I love this in black and white.

I think the food vendors/merchandise vendors are the most photographed people in NYC.  I know this guy saw me taking pictures, and he really didn’t care and went along with his work.

026/Outtake 2

A lot of people loved this image. I love the captured motion on the right and the stillness on the left.

My last two images had to come down to a vote.  I sent a file with 4 images in it to about 15 people and told them to vote for their favorites.  Everyone voted on this image with the man save for two people.  Part of me wishes I had used my 18-55 lens to capture more of the area and crop down, but I can do this the next time I head to NYC.

026/365 Outtake

This image won the majority of my friend's votes. The woman being off center was the main appeal.

The final 3 images each had 5 votes!  It killed me to try and figure out which was the best, so a few people who were willing to talk about why they chose their favorites helped me choose this one.  The comment I liked the most was that the woman had confidence and was framed perfectly off center.  I also like the image for the fact that the one woman on the right is balanced by all the people in the background taking up the left side.


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